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IFS Case Study with Chris Finch


​IFS Implementation Challenge

Halfway through a new IFS implementation, it had become apparent to the customer that they were relying on the implementation partner to not only implement IFS, but to also transfer knowledge to the internal staff members of the business. With plans in place for the first go-live, along with fore-planning multiple phases and business improvements, they reached out to me with what they thought would be a big problem. Being in the IFS Markets pace, I was aware of the company but I made it my priority to further research the business and understand how the application would work for them. Following this, I had a call with the hiring manager to discuss exactly what they were looking for in their next hire. I need to understand the client’s key objective for this role and in this case, they were looking for immediate impact.

IT Recruitment Services

With IFS being fairly linear at times, it was a conversation in which I had to educate the client on what to expect. Of course, the best-case scenario is they can find someone who understands every module and can work on both the technical and functional side of the application, but they rarely exist in the IFS world. This call was to outline the three main factors that could immediately have a positive impact on the business and focusing my attention on those. Being constantly in touch with the market played a huge factor in resourcing for this role, as I knew a couple of specialists who were potentially considering a career change. From the initial email and follow-up call, it had taken me just three days to find two suitable options both within a 30-mile radius of the site.

Although based on skill and experience I could see a better-suited candidate, I advised the client to speak with both so that they could make an informed decision. Three weeks on, an offer was made to the IFS candidate whose expectations were met and they happily accepted. It’s safe to say both parties were equally pleased with the seamless process and have both thanked me for my experience and guidance. Of course, not every hire is as simple as this one, but with a strong IFS market knowledge and a genuine interest in a business’s needs, I have managed on numerous occasions to fulfil their hiring needs with IFS professionals they would have never known existed.

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