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How We Work


Having recently re-branded, IT Works hasn’t changed their name or how we recruit but we looked into why we do what we do. As part of our rebranding, each consultant has been asked have a think back to their favourite placement and why it was so.

You might think my favourite placement of a ResourceLink or iTrent Consultant would be the one that made me the most money or gave me the biggest bragging rights in the office but truth be told, it’s none of them. My favourite placements are the smoothest ones. The ones where both parties are over the moon and they barely even notice there’s a process at all.

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Efficiency and market knowledge in the iTrent & ResourceLink space is what separates me from other recruiters and agencies claiming to be market experts. I have always prided myself on work ethic and although I might not be the only “niche” recruiter out there, I control what I can, and I always try anything to be the hardest/smartest working one.

My day from start to finish revolves around people in the iTrent and ResourceLink market. Whether this is finding new customers, speaking to new iTrent consultants, speaking to old iTrent consultants or developing more business. When you have a requirement or when you start looking for iTrent/ResourceLink work I am in the best possible position to help you.

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Having recently transitioned from contract to permanent iTrent & ResourceLink recruitment, it’s helped me understand a businesses needs from both angles. I’d like to think this gives me the best possible opportunity when helping you look for work or fill your requirement.

I regularly update the market with weekly mailers, consisting of the weeks “star candidate” or updating my candidates with the weeks “hot jobs”. To be involved in these if you aren’t already, get in touch on:

01772 278050

We are the experts in iTrent recruitment so get in touch if you are looking for any of the following roles for your next iTrent implementation: iTrent Consultant, iTrent Contractor, HRIS Consultant, HRIS Contractor.

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