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Unit4 Case Study with Rebecca Wilks


Unit4 Recruitment

Upon the departure of a permanent Systems Manager, my client was in a position where it was crucial to find a replacement who could hit the ground running. Having already completed internal recruitment and expanding their search via an agency, it was clear their deadline was fast approaching with no solution in sight. Seeing this, I approached the client and offered support, but first I needed to know exactly what they were looking for. The hiring team was looking for an experienced Unit4 Systems Analyst that had experience in both the Finance and HR/Payroll side of the system, as well as reporting experience using Excelerator. Further to this, personality was going to be a key factor in their decision, as they knew the HR team requires a different dynamic from the Finance team.

Unit4 ERP

Unit4 professionals often develop their skills on either financials or HR, but a professional that crosses both sides of the system with additional reporting experience is a rarity. In this case, the best-case scenario was to source someone who has in-depth knowledge of multiple modules across Unit4, and lives within a commutable distance. After discussing the potential options with the client regarding how the specification could potentially be extended to broaden the range of potential applicants, I offered a selection of candidates that may be suitable to them.

Having spoken to several candidates and qualifying them against the requirements of the client, I sent across three profiles within just a few days of the initial call. Discussing each of the candidate profiles with the client, they wanted to proceed all three candidates to the interview stage. This turned into a quick turn around and within two weeks, 1st and 2nd stage interviews had taken place. Having previously rejected over twenty candidates for this role from other avenues, this was the first time leaving the interview process, where the hiring manager and interview panel could visualise the candidate in the role. Within another week, an offer had been made and gratefully accepted, to the candidate who had extensive experience in the financial element of the system, in reporting, and some experience in payroll. I had found a golden little nugget in their commutable radius too, and the individual had excelled in both their interviews too.

Both parties were happy with the outcome and following a catch-up with the candidate, it is clear they had already made an immediate impact in their new role. Both the candidate and client thanked me for my guidance and support throughout the process, identifying the real value I was able to add to the future of both parties. It is not always possible to find these 'golden nuggets' which fit most of the initial requirements of the client; but with a strong Agresso/Unit4 market knowledge and a genuine interest in clients’ needs and desires, I have been able to fulfill the hiring needs with Agresso professionals they would have otherwise missed out on.​

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