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ResourceLink Case Study


ResourceLink Implementation

One of my recent clients completed Phase 1 of their new ResourceLink implementation and was fast approaching Phase 2. However, their project manager was soon planning to move roles, so I worked closely with them in advance to outline exactly what was required. This resulted in two roles being opened after I identified that they needed a project manager replacement, as well as an analyst for the reporting element of the project.

They were not happy overall with how Phase 1 was planned out previously, as they believed the rollout could have been cleaner and the data extracted more efficiently. Therefore, we both knew that Phase 2 had to be correctly planned out in advance and completed accordingly.

They interviewed ResourceLink project managers from various backgrounds and were astounded by their collective and individual expertise. However, one consultant, in particular, had direct experience with one of the client’s competitors, which provided invaluable parallel market experience. This particular consultant had fourteen consistent years of ResourceLink experience and had completed eight full life cycle projects end to end.

All this, plus eleven data migration projects from iTrent/SAP and Core HR, as well as having trained teams of up to thirty people on the ResourceLink system from start to finish. As they had previous experience in a similar environment, they could also utilise these skills to identify key factors that would change the way ResourceLink was used for that client, as well as saving them several thousands of pounds per quarter.

Phase 1s problems were rectified by implementing a cleaner transition process, and Phase 2 was then rolled out successfully soon after. This particular candidate is now the client's ‘go to’ consultant in regards to any ad hoc work that needs completing. Additionally, the quality of their training has also altered the mindset of the wider HR team, as they now know how to excel with ResourceLink and Business Objects when building reports.

In turn, my relationship with the client has also solidified, with a strong foundation to help them necessitate any future business projects. As the team’s time is now efficiently spent on their HR system, I am satisfied that my role in the project is fully complete, with the knowledge that I have played a critical part in their huge HR transformation programme.

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