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ResourceLink Transformation - Case Study


​A recent client of mine is undertaking a huge HR transformation programme. They are using ResourceLink and have been since early 2000s. However 2021 is the year they have signed budgets for their HR transformation programme and they are injecting capital into their HR and Payroll system/team.

They use many modules and add-ons, however not to their full potential which wastes time and money. In addition to this they wanted to automate a lot of their processes and again, these manual inputs are timely. As they are such a big company, they have 15 external payrolls which would hugely affect any ResourceLink consultant's work and how they would tackle this.

After a lengthy job qualification process and learning about the client and wider teams, we both knew they would need a specialist Resourcelink consultant to come in and lead the transformation programme. As it is my job to understand the market and know consultants availability, I reached out to my 3 available Resourcelink consultants and talked to them about the project and what my client was looking for.

I set up a Teams meeting as we still can’t meet in person yet, which included 2 of the consultants that the client was interested in. This included Head of HR, Head of Business Change and Head of Systems as well as the 2 consultants. We talked about the projects and welcomed the consultants in separately to showcase what they can do for the client.

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As it was such a huge transformation programme, we had to start with a health check which usually takes 1-2 days time dependent on the system. This will determine what will be worked on as a priority and then what can be spread out over the 6-12 months. The successful ResourceLink Contractor had worked on a similar project to this not long ago in the same environment and this is why the client favoured this contractor to complete the project.

Overall, there is now a specialist Resourcelink contractor who is leading the transformation programme; the health check has been completed so the project plan has been written up and is underway. The client is pleased with the way that IT Works has helped them, the way we have provided them with a specialist at a competitive rate and how we educated them around IR35 and walked them through the process with the contractor from start to finish.


We now work with this client exclusively, we are the sole agency they will use throughout this programme and other clients within similar environments are now asking about how we can help them with their possible HR programmes.

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