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April News Round-Up

​April is almost over, and the first big sunny spell of the year shows us that spring is well and truly here.

It’s been a busy month, and an exciting one, with our Achievers heading out to Tenerife, a big Easter celebration for the team, a huge pledge drive that’s now secured not one but two vehicles for the volunteers helping innocent civilians escape over the Ukraine border and, of course, our 18thanniversary as a company!

Through all that time, our Recruitment Consultants have been busy helping connect the right candidate with the right role for the right client at the right price – but not so busy that they couldn’t share their insights on the market as it currently stands.

So before March gets here, we thought we’d compile a list of everything you might have missed…

HRIS specialist Matt Stanley breaks down expectations for iTrent candidates at every point in their career. What salary range should you be looking at in the market as it stands?

NetSuite’s Joe Lowe answers a question that plagues many businesses preparing for their first ERP: what’s the difference between a functional and a technical consultant? And which do you actually need?

The rest of the month has been dominated by our IFS team. First, Joe Anderton reminds us that the post-pandemic world sees more ERP implementations, asks why, and covers the importance of getting a good implementation team before you start.

Chris Finch addresses the new challenges of the current candidate-driven market and offers advice no hiring manager (or candidate) can afford to forget. What should you know if you want to beat your competition?

And to finish up the month, Owen Pye has some thoughts on the current trend of candidates ghosting interviews. People have approached this topic from many different directions. Owen took what might be the most important: what are the risks in ghosting an interview?