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The Future of Distribution is in the Cloud

Distribution’s Future Needs the Cloud

How much thought has your business put into the cloud?

For many companies, cloud technology is less something they’ve embraced and more something they’ve gradually adopted over the past two and a half years, as increased remote working has made better solutions necessary. Obviously, that may not be how your business looks at it – but in either case, it’s time to change. The cloud isn’t just a way to support back-office workers – it’s the key to success in distribution in the future.


Change Ahead of the Industry

It’s impossible to name an industry that wasn’t changed by the pandemic. Even businesses not directly affected saw their customers change usage patterns and had to adapt. But if we take that as a given, and instead we ask which industry was most affected, distribution is one sector that will come up time and time again. 

Labour shortages, tight budgets, shortened deadlines – oh, and of course the entire supply chain is having all kinds of problems. There are plenty of challenges to overcome and distribution has been thrown into a period of enforced and enthusiastic evolution.

At times like these, it’s important to keep ahead of the pack.

Cloud based ERP systems accelerate the accurate transfer of data between departments, especially if those departments are in multiple locations. Gone are the days of head office placing the wrong order because the warehouse’s stock report was a day old – but instantaneous, automated updating improves everyone’s performance. Just as importantly, it cuts down the risk of data being incorrectly entered or being corrupted by issues with API feeds between systems.

Moving from on premises to cloud implementations of ERP is an essential step for businesses large enough to need any form of ERP. There’s an obvious knock-on step to that, too, and it’s one I know other Consultants here have pointed out in their own blogs lately; the more companies making the transition, the busier the market for candidates. If you want your implementation project overseen by experts, you need to have your plans in place, and reach out effectively.

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