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June Monthly News Round Up

Kieran’s First Year in Recruitment

Reflecting on his IT Works journey, Recruitment Consultant Kieran Kearns recounts how he came to be a recruiter, why he chose IT Works, and his career highlights thus far. Hear his story…


Why IFS Financials is the Backbone of ERP

SeniorIFS Recruitment Consultant, Emily Hunter(connect with Emily on LinkedIn), discusses how IFS financials is the backbone for your IFS ERP. Learn more about its functionality and the benefits it brings to your organisation.


The Future of Distribution is in the Cloud

 Debunking common Cloud misconceptions,Infor recruitment expert Rob Porter (connect with Rob on LinkedIn) explains why the Cloud is paving the way for future innovations in distribution.


The Increasing Call to Return to the Office

Wanting more work environment flexibility? Missing the culture of the office?Infor ERP Specialist, Sam Cross (connect with Sam on LinkedIn) talks through his observations on the current market and the shifts towards office-based working.


Cybersecurity & Your Data…

Would you want your data comprised? Senior IFS Consultant Chris Finch(connect with Chris on LinkedIn) explains all things cybersecurity and how important it is for your business partners to have good cybersecurity practices.


Wheels on the Ground – Back to Ukraine

With help from our IT Works community, we have been able to continue supporting victims of the crisis in Ukraine. Your generous donations enabled a further two vehicles to be purchased! Find out more about our fundraising efforts and how it all started…​