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Unit4 Case Study with Rebecca Wilks

Unit4 Recruitment Upon the departure of a permanent Systems Manager, my client was in a position ...

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Interview Prep

Client/Candidate Interview Prep

When recently discussing previous interviews with a Unit4 candidate, they informed me about choos...

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Five Reasons To Consider The Cloud

Ten years ago, talks of cloud computing were just a blip on the radar.  Now, with businesses and ...

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The Key To Unit4 Business World Success

With Unit4 Business World (Agresso) ERP implementations and upgrades, one of the most obvious, bu...

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Sun Will Shine

The Sun Will Shine on the Agresso Market

​Well, what a time it has been recently.The last few months since Covid-19 sent the world into lo...

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Cv Tips

CV Tips For The Agresso Market

​First of all, there’s no ‘wrong’ way to write a CV per se. The point of this article is to share...

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