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Wheels on the Ground - Back to Ukraine

​Back to Ukraine – Thanks to You!As you might remember, at our H1 Presentation in April, we held ...

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Cybersecurity & Your Data...

Cybersecurity & Your DataHow important is it to you that your partner business have good cybe...

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The Future of Distribution is in the Cloud

Distribution’s Future Needs the CloudHow much thought has your business put into the cloud?For ma...

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Why IFS Financials is the Backbone of ERP

Why IFS Financials is the Heart of IFS ERPThe modular approach taken by IFS ERP is designed to pr...

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May Monthly News Round Up

May’s been a very busy month for us here at IT Works Recruitment…here’s a quick review of the art...

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Kieran's First Year in Recruitment

It was just over a year ago IT Infrastructure Specialist Kieran Kearns joined IT Works Health. Wi...

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Successful Hr Systems Team

What Does a Successful HR Systems Team Need?

​As part of a wider HR department, your HR Systems personnel may not be treated as a team of thei...

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Day Rate Fixed Term

Would Day Rate Contractors Be Better for You than Fixed Term Placement?

​When most of the hires you make are permanent (and when you yourself are in a permanent role) th...

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Full Suite Erp Manufacturing

How Important is Full Suite ERP in Modern Manufacturing?

​I don’t think there’s any modern manufacturing business which can grow beyond a certain size wit...

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How Long Netsuite

How Long Does a NetSuite Implementation Take?

​It’s been a couple of months now since a new client, during a call with them, asked “I know what...

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Successful Project

A Successful Project Needs How Many Team Members?

​How many team members should be focused on a major tech project for your company?In my time as a...

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Business Freelance Contractors

Why Businesses Turn to Freelance Contractors

​Isn’t it always better to keep knowledge in-house? If so, why would a business ever turn to free...

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Successful Ifs Implementation

What Makes a Successful IFS Implementation?

​As you can probably imagine, I spend a lot of time talking to clients who are either preparing f...

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Infor On Prem Or Cloud

Key Differences between Infor On Prem and Cloud

​More and more businesses that have traditionally relied on Infor implementations maintained on-p...

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April News Round-Up

​April is almost over, and the first big sunny spell of the year shows us that spring is well and...

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Tenerife Achievers Trip 2022

​It seems like only weeks ago our Q1 Achievers were in Rome…All the same, a lot has happened sinc...

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Risks Ghosting Interviews

The Risks Involved in Ghosting Interviews

​A lot has been said recently about how the ERP market is currently a candidate-led market (inclu...

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Move Quickly

Move Quickly on Candidates in the Current Market

​A good recruiter doesn’t just match candidates and clients. They’re a source of advice for both ...

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Erp Post Pandemic

ERP Sales in a Post-Pandemic World

​There’s no doubt now that Covid-19 and its variants have changed the world for the long term. Wo...

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