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Day Rate Fixed Term

Would Day Rate Contractors Be Better for You than Fixed Term Placement?

​When most of the hires you make are permanent (and when you yourself are in a permanent role) th...

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Cost Of Candidates

The Cost of Candidates

I don’t think the HRIS recruitment market has ever been busier!With a market this active, my coll...

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Ifs Careers 1

Case Study - iTrent

​Tell me about a good recent experience you’ve had?Recently, I successfully made a placement with...

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Roles In Hris

Roles Within the HRIS Market

​All of the below play important roles within an HRIS business and/or project. These positions ma...

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Good Time To Move In Hris

Good Time To Move In HRIS?

​I’m addressing a question that’s been asked a lot recently as with the current pandemic, there’s...

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HRIS: Pre And Post Covid

2020 is certainly a year for the history books!It’s one of those years that we’ll remember for a ...

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Specialist Over Generalist

Choosing Specialist Over Generalist

​You’re a decision-maker. A leader. You know your company inside and out and you want to bring th...

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Is Workday the G.O.A.T?

Is Workday slowly becoming the Greatest of All Time in the HRIS world?Workday is quickly becoming...

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