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Ifs Update

Managing your IFS upgrade

Managing your IFS upgrade​The specific reasons companies invest in IFS ERP can vary. Typically, ...

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The Benefits of IFS Cloud

​Back in March 2021, IFS released their newest platform, IFS Cloud. This is a single platform th...

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The Truth About Fixed-Term Contracts

​Following what has been a strange 12 months I have noticed an increased number of fixed terms co...

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Motivation Is Key

I’m an IFS permanent recruitment specialist here at IT Works. In the last month It’s been extreme...

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A man walking over the word success in the night between two cliffs

IFS Case Study with Chris Finch

​IFS Implementation ChallengeHalfway through a new IFS implementation, it had become apparent to ...

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Permanent V Contract

Thinking of Becoming an IFS Contractor?

​Welcome to the fifth edition of my IFS blog. ​This month’s is based around contracting as a care...

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two people working from a desk at home

Bad Habits…

Hello again!Welcome to the new edition of my monthly IFS blog.I had a conversation at the beginni...

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The Myth Of The Market

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been the year that flipped everything we once knew as ‘normal’ on ...

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How Long Is Too Long

How Long Is Too Long?

In recent months I have noticed the interview process for hiring managers is getting longer and l...

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IFS Contract Market – Post Lockdown

​I’ve been hearing very mixed reviews regarding the “state” of the IFS contracts job market at th...

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Knowing Your Worth

Knowing Your Worth

Recruiting in a niche marketplace such as IFS has a huge amount of benefits, I find I am more con...

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Santa Blog 2

Santa has implemented IFS

​I have often considered how Santa stays so organised during Christmas Eve and never misses a dea...

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Specialist Over Generalist

Working Whilst on Holiday, Yes or No?

The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place as advances in technology grow stronger.In our ...

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