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The Increasing Call To Return To The Office

​Since the dawn of time (the beginning of the first lockdown) there seems to have been endless co...

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The Future of Distribution is in the Cloud

Distribution’s Future Needs the CloudHow much thought has your business put into the cloud?For ma...

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The Top 3 ERPs – Infor

​Last week we looked at the top 3 ERPs in the UK market. One of our choices was Infor. So what ma...

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Considerations for your Infor ERP selection - Cloudsuite

​ Cloud ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) are now the forefront of the modern-d...

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Infor Case Study with Rob Porter

​Infor RecruitmentA recent project that I recruited for was with a customer part way through the ...

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Infor Implementation Guidelines

​An ERP implementation is never plain sailing. Countless times, I have received feedback from cli...

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