Alexander Labelle

Alexander Labelle

Digital Marketeer

With a background in content and design, Alex brings with him skills in video, photography and graphics where he’s always looking to experiment with a variety of content whilst continuing to develop his marketing skills and knowledge.

After graduating in Film Production at UCLan, Alex worked as Training buddy at Vue Cinemas before delving into the fast-paced world of marketing at UCLan Students’ Union. It was in his first marketing role where he learnt what it takes to build a brand, use analytics to make informed decisions and produce promotional materials using Adobe Software.

In his spare time, he shoots infrared photography and uses Photoshop to experimental with crazy coloured landscapes. He spends the rest of his time 3D printing models and gadgets or hanging out with his cockapoo, Alfie.

Alex is keen to help build on the solid foundation the current marketing team have established at IT Works and looks forward to experimenting with different media.

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