Joe Anderton

Joe Anderton

IFS Practice Manager

​Like many young people, Joe realised early on that university might not be the right choice for him. Instead, aged just eighteen, he decided to embark on a career as a Retail Manager with Tesco. Eager to start building his career, Joe was alarmed when the retail giant effectively paused their career progression pathways, so he began looking for alternative career avenues to explore. When Joe discovered opportunities in recruitment online, he found that he had the desirable experience and transferable skills required to make the move. From that point on, his career took a new path, and Joe became the Epicor expert at IT Works. Many refer to Epicor as an aging market, because the software has been around since the late 1990s. However, for Joe, this is one of the market’s strengths, because customers are extremely loyal to the software and the vendor is just as loyal to the customer base. With age comes experience, and individuals within the Epicor arena are genuine experts who often have ten or twenty years of experience behind them. Joe built up a network within the market that made him highly successful before making the decision to transition across to the IFS market, which he's already carving out a reputation in through the same hard work. Joe would describe himself as ‘not that interesting’, but that’s certainly not how we see him. Born twelve weeks premature, Joe obviously couldn’t wait to get stuck into life, and this attitude established early on has continued ever since! He is an integral part of the IT Works family, at the heart of our work and social activities, encouraging his colleagues, and never afraid to ask for help. IT Works has been involved in the IFS market for over seventeen years and has the most comprehensive database of expert candidates within the UK, putting us right at the heart of this niche. If you speak to contacts within the arena about a resource or role; customers, freelance consultantsf, they'll undoubtedly refer you to Joe Anderton at IT Works Recruitment.

“At a young age I knew I wanted to make something of myself but, like many young people, I didn’t know which route to take. Several friends recommended sales, but I found it quite impersonal and that just didn’t suit me. With recruitment, I’ve found my niche and love that I’m not only building my own career, but I am helping other people accelerate theirs.”


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