Shelby Johnstone

Shelby Johnstone

Sales Enablement Specialist

Meet Shelby, our Sales Enablement Specialist at IT Works Recruitment! With a vibrant background that spans beyond the corporate world, Shelby brings a unique blend of nurturing expertise and team leadership to her role.

Having dedicated years to nurturing and guiding young minds in a private nursery from 2017 to 2023, Shelby not only gained experience in caring for babies but also honed her skills in managing and leading her own team. Her nurturing nature extends beyond the workplace as she finds joy in spending time with her two dogs and her partner, creating cherished moments in their first home and exploring the beautiful landscapes of the UK.

When she's not immersed in the professional realm, Shelby unwinds by delving into the pages of captivating books, especially when she's away on holiday. Her passion for exploration has taken her to over 15 countries, including captivating destinations like Italy, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Greece. Her wanderlust remains insatiable, with plans to traverse many more countries in the upcoming years.

Beyond her adventures, Shelby has a keen eye for the latest fashion and beauty trends, often staying updated through social media. Her knack for finding the perfect dupe is unparalleled, making her a go-to source for the best recommendations in the realm of style and beauty.

With her diverse experiences and passion for both personal and professional growth, Shelby brings a unique perspective and a nurturing spirit to our team, elevating our sales enablement strategies to new heights.

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