Stuart Quinney

Stuart Quinney


Stuart, our CEO, boasts a remarkable journey that began in the realm of London Recruitment during an era when CVs were sent via fax machines and the mischievous act of sliding outbound faxes through the 'Incoming' fax machine was the office caper of the day.
After a hiatus from Recruitment, during which he ventured into various business endeavours, Stuart couldn't resist the magnetic pull of what he fondly calls "the best industry in the world." In 2010, he made his triumphant return to the world of Recruitment.
In 2016, Stuart became an integral part of our team at IT Works, citing the company's alignment with his values and aspirations as the driving force behind his decision. He recognised the immense potential to create substantial opportunities for IT Works' Clients, Contractors, Candidates, and Colleagues. Under his leadership, our business has witnessed consistent year-on-year growth, with an unwavering focus on delivering solutions through our exceptional team of experts.

Beyond the boardroom, Stuart's passion extends to Italy, where he savours the sweet life (La Dolce Vita), often accompanied by the delightful notes of an Aperol Spritz. He is an avid traveller, a connoisseur of fine cuisine, and a true aficionado of exquisite wines. As a dedicated Chelsea FC supporter, he attends approximately a dozen home games each season, making the journey from the North West—a testament to his unwavering commitment. Stuart is renowned for brewing the second-best cuppa in the business, with ambitions to claim the number-one spot in the future.


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