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NetSuite Case Study with Nick Graham


​NetSuite ERP Recruitment

Recently, I was contacted by a global pet food supplier who had recently implemented NetSuite. The implementation had gone well, however, the company was left not understanding how they could move forward with the system, as they had no real NetSuite resources amongst their current team. After discussing requirements with the company MD, I managed to highlight that the new role that they required was a Head of Business systems.

The main requirements needed were having somebody with extensive knowledge of not only the system; but also the ability to build out upon a system, train end-users, and with knowledge of integrations. The first main project would be the WMS module too, so experience of that was also vital. I was aware of a handful of candidates who might be interested in this role, leading to two first-stage interviews scheduled within the week. After, the first round of interviews, however, another previously unanticipated requirement came to light, that the candidate would need a solid financial understanding within NetSuite. I managed to resource a candidate whom had all the requirements, and their subsequent interview was a huge success for both sides.

This second stage was important for both sides to identify the individual's cultural fit. However, there was no question that both were happy with the requirements of the role. The second stage happened soon after, and by Friday evening an offer had been made and accepted. This was done smoothly with no issues, due to being able to handle both candidate and client requirements. I was in constant dialogue with all parties, and was transparent to both client and candidate regarding expectations throughout. I have been in constant contact with both parties after the placement and I have no doubt that the relationship will go on from strength to strength, bringing great success for everyone involved.

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