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Epicor Case Study


The Epicor Implementation Challenge

A recent project which I worked on was working with an Epicor customer who was partway through a 7-site greenfield Epicor implementation, which was multi-company and multi-currency. They weren’t happy with the level of support provided by their current partner, as they had different Epicor consultants on-site daily, the lead time on tickets was far too long, and the art of consulting was lost along the way. This led to the client not knowing where to go and whether in the long term, this would be right for the business. The step-change from their old AS400 ERP System to Epicor 10 was huge, and cultural questions were being raised as to whether or not this is fit for the business.

Epicor Consultant

The client and I discussed the issue at length, until we arrived at the point of providing them an Epicor consultant to work with them shoulder to shoulder throughout the Epicor implementation. On the customer's side, giving them advice, support, and a helping hand through the dark. Being a truly independent advisor to help them through go live. The Epicor consultant we placed with them had twelve years experience in the freelance Epicor market and we’ve placed the individual on 10 projects over these years. They worked with the business for 9 months in total, auditing the project progress on both the customer and partners side. Additionally, they were the SME within the business which the SLT could lean on for answers and end-users could turn to for training.

Epicor Implementation

The project was accelerated two-fold, and all seven sites have now gone live Epicor 10. Their feedback was that the support from the Epicor consultant was integral to the success of the Epicor implementation, in more ways than just technical legwork. Whether that be training, developments, advice, guidance, consulting on best practice, or just a marker to follow. The company now sees ERP10 as a keystone within the business and has been able to streamline business processes significantly, allowing people from all areas in the company to spend more time on what matters.

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