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The Benefits of IFS Cloud


Back in March 2021, IFS released their newest platform, IFS Cloud. This is a single platform that innately connects all its products to deliver the end-to-end capabilities a company needs to orchestrate its customers, people and assets and deliver amazing Moments of Service. Customers can choose to deploy best-of-breed or leverage the power of connecting their value chains across capabilities such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Asset Management and Field Service Management.

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But what are the key benefits of choosing IFS Cloud?

Legacy suites are often complex and costly integrations, but by choosing IFS Cloud, it is easier for customers to buy, deploy, run and update their Enterprise software. In doing so, companies can easily scale and simply switch on new functionality (such as additional modules or new innovative capabilities) when the time is right for their business. Feature releases twice a year also means that customers can choose to move to the latest version whenever their business is ready.


Customers can also choose how and where they deploy IFS Cloud, which has been engineered for the cloud but can be deployed on-premises with a choice of residency. Unlike many offerings, IFS customers will benefit from the same solution functionality and user experiences regardless of their deployment choice.


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With IFS Cloud, IFS offers a unique and single technology platform with one common user experience, one data model and one consistent support offering. IFS Cloud brings simplicity, choice and innovation to organisations that need to evolve to new business models, control costs, expand faster and serve their customers better.

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