0-100...Supercharging Your Infor M3 Project Case Study

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​Assembling a car requires having the right pieces. Even with only one missing part, complications can arise. The same can be said for an ERP project.

It’s sometimes not as obvious as a missing door or a missing wheel, but at some point, operating without the right parts (or in this case, resource) can cause an ERP project to grind to a halt.

Here’s how we connected one client from a vehicle parts manufacturing company with the specialist resource they needed for their Infor implementation project.

0-100...Supercharging Your Infor M3 Project
One Infor M3 System
One Delayed Project
One Missing Infor Specialist

Existing State Of Affairs

One Infor M3 System, one delayed project, and one Infor specialist missing… this ERP implementation was on the brink of falling too far behind.

Migrating from an existing on-prem solution to the cloud version of Infor M3, the implementation was to play a fundamental to the business’s operational success.

The business was in the planning phase of the project, and it was clear the team was stretched thin struggling to cover all areas of the project. As a result, the project was running way behind schedule. Having to incur additional costs and pulling in resources from other ongoing projects across the business, they needed specialist Infor resource – and fast.

The business’s existing Infor M3 project team was made up of:

  • 1 x Infor M3 Programme Manager
  • 1 x Infor M3 Project Manager
  • 4 x Infor M3 Consultants (each with a specialism)
  • 10 x Infor M3 Analysts

What did they need? An additional Infor M3 Manufacturing Consultant who could offer their expertise to the initial project and beyond.

Here’s how the team and I connected them with the right expert, at the right time…


Project Progress

1. Initial Contact

The client reached out to myself and the Infor team directly after hearing about our market reputation from other clients and the successes they’d had employing our services.

2. Requirement

The client approached me and the team in need of an Infor M3 Manufacturing expert who could help assist the existing IT team. By bringing in the necessary extra resource, the project would be able to get back on track, increasing the efficiency of the Cloud migration. The permanent role offered required someone mid-senior level who could hybrid work with 2 days on-site a week. 

3. Finding Resource

With requirements set, we got to work delivering skillset options to the client in under 48 hours. Within the timeframe, we sent over 3 suitable candidate profiles. Tapping into our extensive specialist network of Infor Talent, we put forward someone within commutable distance, budget, and whose experience and skillset fit the bill. With all things set, it was time to connect!

4. Interview & Offer Stage

Interviews were a 2-stage process. With one stand-out candidate chosen, an offer was made. It was agreed, the candidate they decided to hire had the best skill set and most relevant industry experience that would benefit the business the most. Interview to offer made was a process that took place over 8 working days.

Successful Results

IT Works delivered timely resource that provided the business with the security and momentum they needed to achieve the forecasted project schedules. It took only 10 days from initial engagement to offer made to successfully connect our client with the right expert.

The result…A timely upgrade, business efficiency, happy users, and happy customers! 

Day Turnaround

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