IFS ERP Recruitment Partners Case Study

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For hiring managers struggling with the search for talent, we understand the huge amount of pressure to find your people.  

Here at IT Works Recruitment, we place people at the heart of everything we do. Understanding that having the right talent on your team is essential, we empower your business to thrive by connecting IFS experts.  

Here’s how we connected speed of delivery and quality of service to turn around a failing multi-site and multi-company IFS ERP project for one of our clients. 

Case Study: IFS ERP Recruitment Partners
1 System
12 Specialists
1 Expert Team

Introducing Our Services

The client in question hadn’t recently used our services but had worked with us previously to resource a couple of projects, so were already familiar with us here at IT Works Recruitment.  

Reaching out to the IFS team, we were quick to set up a resource meeting to further understand the client’s current situation, further requirement details, and proposed project resource scope.


Delays, Soaring Costs & End-User Adoption…

It became clear the client had a number of frustrations related to their current resource partner, the progress of the IFS Apps10 implementation, and end-user adoption levels.

Their current resource partner provided the client with only freelance IFS solutions and were being charged a partner’s premium for doing so. With costs rocketing, the business was pouring money into sparse resources that were barely plugging the gaps, exposing them to a whole host of problems. The reality was that resource delivery speed was slow whilst demand for increased headcount was at an all-time high. Because the business hadn’t been able to get the right people in at the right time go-live dates had continued to be postponed several times over by the time they started looking for an alternative solution. At this critical point, their IFS implementation project had delays of nearly 18 months.  

During this process, operations had also been significantly impacted by the hindered progress of the IFS implementation project. Disarray filtered down to the rest of the business and seriously affected productivity, staff satisfaction levels, and even staff retention levels.

Without the proper resources in place, end-user adoption rates were at low levels. From HR to Engineering, this was a widespread issue spanning numerous different business functions. With little to no return on investment, the business was forced to make the tough decision to overhaul current project plans in search of an alternative resource solution.

The Way Forward...

For our client, the way forward was to look for another IFS resource partner who could act as a ‘system integrator’ finding solutions for the high number of recruitment requirements. The IFS team and I went through a robust bid process. Bidding against four IFS channel partners, we prepared our tender to successfully become their preferred and sole IFS resource provider.  

Connecting Speed of Delivery with Quality of Service  

With our specialist IFS market knowledge, expertise, and vast consultancy experience, we were able to deliver on 12 resources within the space of a week. Connecting the client to multiple IFS Specialists across different IFS modules and disciplines, we not only delivered on speed but on quality also. 

By the end of the 2-month long bidding process, we had delivered to the client, the IFS project team they needed to re-energise the live project they were currently undertaking. 

IFS Specialists Required

The Results

Comments were made by members of the business’s senior leadership team to say how impressed they were with the reactivity, flexibility, and adaptability of our service compared to their previous IFS partner. Confident in our service delivery, they further remarked that IT Works Recruitment felt like an extension of the business rather than a third party. 

A Continued Relationship… 

The relationship between us and the client has been nurtured and grown over the last 12 months with a number of IFS experts successfully integrated into their business - both in contract and permanent roles. Continuing to work in partnership with said client we aim to establish an even stronger relationship - with big IFS resource plans in place for the upcoming year. 

For our client, IT Works Recruitment now act as trusted advisors. Able to streamline many of the hiring processes, we aim to make it even easier for our clients to recruit ERP specialists regardless of skillset or role function.