Epicor System Simplification Case Study

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Looking to revitalise your Epicor system? Needing to simplify your set up to make it easier for end-users?

When resource is thin on the ground, there’s only so far staffing can be stretched before you start to notice the knock-on effects. Here’s how we helped one client hire the Epicor resource they needed to revitalise their Epicor project and implement a system simplified for end-users in the business.

Epicor System Simplification
1 System
1 Expert
5 Sites

The Requirement

The business faced severe resource shortages, causing their Epicor system to nearly halt. Lacking vendor and partner support, the system was on the brink of failure when they reached out to us here at IT Works Recruitment.

The project aimed to revitalise the Epicor system across 15 global sites, starting with the UK head office before expanding to other branches. They needed to complete implementation, upgrade the system, train staff, simplify the sales dashboard, and enhance code performance for their Epicor system to be fully optimised across all areas.

Main Objectives

  • Complete the Epicor system implementation.
  • Provide continuous system upgrades.
  • Train staff on Epicor basics.
  • Simplify the dashboard for the sales team.
  • Optimise application performance through code development.

Epicor System Simplification

Initial Contact

Upon discussing with the company, the immediate need was to address resource shortages. Initially, they sought a junior hire, but after talking through their requirements, we recommended an interim solution to handle pressing issues, followed by a permanent hire with an overlap period for knowledge transfer.


Re-aligning Strategy

Despite our advice, the company proceeded to source a junior Epicor role in-house. However, unable to find a suitable candidate, they returned to IT Works Recruitment to discuss other options available to them in the market. Realigning their hiring strategy, it was agreed the business first need an experienced Epicor contractor to ensure immediate challenges were met effectively.


Connecting Experts

Shortlisting from multiple candidates suitable for the role, the client chose to hire a highly skilled and experienced Epicor contractor. The chosen candidate demonstrated the ability to simplify the Epicor sales dashboard and address the backlog of reports. Upon hiring, they would split their time between continuous improvements and resolving existing issues, significantly enhancing system functionality.A

The Delivery

We placed an experienced contractor who immediately impacted the team, revitalising the Epicor system. This allowed the business to regain momentum and start resolving their backlog and operational challenges.

The contractor hired hit the ground running, simplifying the business’s Epicor sales dashboard enabling enhanced usability for the sales team. They also addressed the backlog of reports and ongoing system issues, splitting their time effectively to provide immediate relief and long-term improvements. This revitalised the business operations, ensuring smoother performance and better resource management.

Epicor Expert Hired

The Results

Their expertise not only restored system efficiency but also instilled confidence among the staff, driving productivity to new heights. Ultimately, this intervention paved the way for sustained operational excellence and future growth.

Connecting Experts
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