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Connecting Experts

Recently, I successfully made a placement with a client in a well-known difficult area, where not many “permanent” iTrent payroll consultants tend to congregate. After speaking in depth with the client about the role, I went out to the market and found them exactly what they were looking for.

After advising them on the lack of iTrent talent within the area, I was able to provide them with two strong options. They took this on board and worked with me to interview both and were very happy with the outcome.

Case Study - iTrent
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How did you identify the requirement?

Quite simply, through an extensive analysis of the role which took place over MS Teams. I took time to understand their requirement, giving me the best possible opportunity to find the right consultants.

With that being said, it was just as much them selling me the opportunity. They took the time to talk me through their values and who they wanted as a cultural fit as well as what skills they needed.


Candidate Network

After discussing the opportunity at length, I turned to the market and spoke to relevant candidates, updating them on my progress regularly. Fortunately with this one, I had already pre-screened two candidates who were local. I was therefore able to provide them with options within 48 hours of the initial call.

I walked them through our feedback processes and advised on how to interview and sell their company as well as some interview techniques that work well with other clients in similar sectors.

Aftercare: Candidate

  • I obtain first-day details for the candidate
  • I talk them through their first day
  • Remind them of start times, who they will meet
  • I schedule a catch up with them after their first day, week, and month - monthly catch-ups after that.


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Candidate NPS Result

Aftercare: Client

We catch up after the first day to make sure the candidate has successfully started.

NPS feedback obtained

Bi-weekly catch ups allow me to discuss the project at hand.

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