NetSuite Aftercare Support Case Study

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Providing NetSuite Aftercare Support

So, you're implementing NetSuite, but finding the system isn't working for your business. Have you considered hiring additional NetSuite aftercare support?

Here’s how we helped one client hire flexible NetSuite expertise to support system enhancements post-go-live.

NetSuite Aftercare Support
1 System
1 Expert
2 Weeks

The Requirement

Before contacting IT Works, the business had implemented NetSuite from Sage at the end of 2021 through NetSuite the vendor. The implementation was adequate, but slow enhancement work led them to reevaluate their support options.

The project aimed to review the current NetSuite setup, provide solutions for key issues, and outline a timeline for part-time or full-time work. Understanding the business required additional aftercare support, our client looked to hire a consultant for 10 hours a week, over an initial period of 12 months.

Main Objectives

  • Ensuring reporting (month end) would be complete.
  • Purchase orders able to be processed.
  • Create dunning letters/credit notes.
  • Manage Celigo integration with NetSuite system.
  • Supported multibook implementation add-ons.

NetSuite Support

Initial Contact

The client realised they were overpaying for slow enhancements through ACS and reached out to IT Works for a more cost-effective and productive solution. They required a consultant to address specific NetSuite issues and improve system efficiency.


Finalising Requirements

After discussing their needs, IT Works identified that the client needed a consultant for 10 hours a week over 12 months. This arrangement would be more cost-efficient and productive, providing focused improvements on their NetSuite system.


Connecting Experts

Following a two-week recruitment process, including candidate shortlisting, interviewing, and contract offers, the client hired a NetSuite Consultant aligned with all initial objectives. The NetSuite Consultant started one week later, beginning with introductory calls to understand the system and team in detail.

The Delivery

The hired NetSuite Consultant began with workshop and introductory calls, setting the scene for understanding their unique system set-up and team. This led to significant improvements in a short period compared to the two years with ACS.

With flexibility afforded by the contract type, the client only had to pay for the hours the NetSuite Consultant worked, giving them the ability to adapt to changing requirements. The consultant’s work during the multibook implementation was crucial, achieving what NetSuite initially deemed impossible. The success led to a rolling contract for ad hoc work, maintaining flexibility and a strong working relationship.

Expert Hired

The Results

With the right resource in place, the business saw a marked improvement in their NetSuite system, enhancing month-end reporting, purchase orders, dunning letters, Celigo integrations, and multibook implementation whilst the flexible contract allowed for cost efficiency and high productivity.

Connecting Experts
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