NetSuite Recovery Project | System Turnaround Case Study

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NetSuite Project Recovery Through Niche Expertise

When implementations falter, recovery becomes crucial. And it’s difficult to know what to do or where to turn if you’re in this situation.

One solution? Hiring niche expertise well-versed in your ERP system to help get your system back on track and working for your business. Here's how we helped one client recover their NetSuite system by hiring expert NetSuite support.


NetSuite Recovery Project
1 System
3 Sites
7000 Staff

The Requirement

Prior to contacting IT Works Recruitment, the business had recently implemented NetSuite through NetSuite themselves. However, the implementation took 6 months longer than expected and exceeded the initial budget by 60%. Certain key finance features were not automated or tailored to the company's needs, leading to inefficiencies and the need for additional support.

The project aimed to review the current NetSuite setup, provide solutions for key finance issues, establish a project timeline, and implement solutions over a 4-month period. Additionally, the consultant would provide support for an extra month for any ad-hoc needs.


Main Objectives:

  • Improve month-end reporting
  • Automate sales invoicing
  • Set up a dashboard for better visualisation
  • Streamline accounts creation process
  • Conduct a final review of the system

Project Progress

Initial Assessment

Upon being contacted, the consultant conducted a thorough review of the NetSuite system to identify key issues and prioritise solutions. This included assessing the financial setup and identifying areas for improvement.

Solution Proposal

The consultant presented a detailed timeline and roadmap for addressing the identified issues, drawing on prior experience and proposing specific solutions for each key objective. They emphasised efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their proposals.


Over the course of 4 months, the consultant implemented solutions for the identified finance issues. Daily reporting kept the client informed of progress, and solutions were prioritised to maximise efficiency. The dashboard setup, in particular, resolved multiple issues simultaneously, saving time for the team.

The Delivery

Initial Delivery

With solutions implemented for the finance side of NetSuite, the client experienced immediate improvements in efficiency and accuracy. The team felt empowered by the resolved issues, paving the way for further enhancements such as the implementation of the WMS module.

Post-implementation Support

Following the successful implementation, the consultant provided an additional 3 months of support for the WMS project. This extended support period was made possible by improved budget allocation due to enhanced efficiency and system improvements, enabling the business to continue scaling effectively.

3 Months
Specialist WMS Support

The Results

The project successfully addressed NetSuite implementation challenges, delivering immediate efficiency gains, and enabling further scalability through enhanced finance features and extended support.

Connecting Experts

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