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With the business nearing the completion of its Infor LN implementation, project attention was focused on the finish line. But, before they could get there, there would be a series of unforeseen events that left the project seriously under-resourced.

A Project Left Seriously Under Resourced
Go-Live at Risk
LN Specialists Required Urgently

Main Objectives

Having just moved on from the testing phase, go-live was imminent. Risking failure of completion, the business not only needed to find resource replacements but also hire additional Infor LN specialists ahead of going live. Requiring urgent support, the business contacted our Infor recruitment experts here at IT Works Recruitment.

As a specialist ERP recruitment agency, we supported the business throughout the hiring process - connecting them to the right experts, at the right time.

• Successful Infor LN system deployment

• Dedicated end-user support to increase system usage

• Streamline operations across multiple sites

• Greater data accuracy and tracking

• Increased access to shared information




The hiring manager had responded to one of my email marketing and asked if we had any Infor LN contractors available for a 4–6-month contract piece of work. From there, we picked up a call to discuss requirements.


Determining the level of experience they needed, whether they were looking for someone junior or senior, and the budget scope for this hire requirements were finalised after our triage call.

With requirements set, the team and I spent time contacting various eligible candidates within our network and put together a list of 5 suitable resources within 24 hours.


As is common in the contract market, the interview stage was a one-step process to understand the candidate’s competency. One successful interview later and the client immediately contacted me after the call to say they didn’t want to see any more options. Instead, they wanted to offer the candidate the position there and then.

Despite hiring a candidate who slightly exceeded their budget, they felt the candidate offered the most relevant industry experience. Providing a timely and efficient service, the initial contact to offer made was a four-day turnaround.

The Delivery


With the right resource in place, the business successfully deployed its Infor LN system. Supporting the project, the team was able to conduct thorough assessments, customise for industry-specific standards and regulatory compliance, provide effective user training, and manage company-wide changeover to the new system.


Focusing on ongoing system performance monitoring, user support, and compliance updates the contract specialist hired helped provide continuous improvement support to their internal team. The additional support in place ensured system operations ran effectively.

Training Level

The Results

With much-needed support, the business successfully completed the Infor LN implementation project. By hiring the right experts, at the right time, the business deployed the Infor LN system within project timeframes. With the ERP successfully operating, the business was able to achieve its initial project outcomes.


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