2019 NetSuite Market Reflection

As we’re rapidly closing in on the festive period I felt it would be a good time to reflect on the past 12 months in the NetSuite market.

We have seen many changes, from the announcement of SuiteSuccess, which should allow more companies to implement NetSuite quicker and easier with an “out the box” approach. As well as this, we have seen two system updates in 2019. One, which went live around the same time as SuiteWorld Vegas and more recently we have the update of 2019. Two, both updates should allow more users to access more areas of the system and ultimately enable them to become more of an expert.

Aside from the system side of things, I have seen some differences in hiring over the past 12 months and what that has meant for the UK NetSuite market. Where NetSuite partners are concerned I have seen two clear directions in which most are heading. Due to the continuous growth of existing practices and with new ones constantly emerging, we are now seeing more demand coming from abroad. This is because businesses are choosing to implement NetSuite from regions such as Scandinavia and Central Europe. Other practices are choosing to target mid-sized companies within UK and by doing so are continuing to add to the growth of the UK market.

A position that tends to be becoming more popular is that of a NetSuite Business Systems Manager or Head of System. This is the case for both candidates and clients, from a client’s perspective it allows them to expand internally with a more organic result. This adds value in many ways but more so by allowing them to save money, due to paying an annual salary rather than an expensive day rate. Naturally, this improves efficiency as there will be open lines of communication, an understanding of the company and its culture and a clear view of future objectives.

From a candidate perspective, this kind of position is extremely attractive to those who are either, moving from the contract market into perm, or those who are working for a consultancy and wish to work with an end-user company. The main gripe that I hear from those who work on many NetSuite projects at one time, is that they never get to truly see the fruits of their labour and they miss being a part of an organisation where they can be an influential part of its growth.

Off the back of this, there have been roughly two to three key periods throughout the year where NetSuite practices have made a conscious effort to recruit and grow their teams. But this remains an uphill battle due to many moving on from consulting after varying amounts of time, whether it be to work with an end-user client or to enter the contracting market.

Ultimately I feel like there have been many lessons learned for candidates, clients and even myself as a recruiter. As the UK market is slowly but surely expanding, I have no doubt that we will face many more challenges going forward, but these challenges will add to the diversity of the market which will add an element of flexibility to the hiring process.

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