What Does Hexagons Acquisition of Infor EAM Mean For Business Opportunities?

What does Hexagons acquisition of Infor EAM mean for business opportunities?

In 2021, Infor EAM was set to be acquired by Hexagon. This was a huge purchase and a strategic decision-making process… but what did it mean for businesses that invested in HxGN EAM (formally known as Infor EAM), and how will Infor invest in their ERP systems moving forwards? ​


Infor EAM to HxGN EAM​

Hexagons £2.75 billion USD purchase was driven due to their ambition of combining Infor’s EAM technology with their current digital reality solutions. This is because HxGN believed that it would create a more sophisticated asset performance management solution.

Hexagon’s in-depth knowledge within the APM (asset performance management) field and it’s engineering talents means that the EAM business could be innovated and developed more that it could have been at Infor.

For Infor this meant that they can focus on developing their industry focused CloudSuite. In the meantime, between Infor, Koch (Infor’s owner), and Hexagon they are all able to cross-sell and enhance products to its customer bases.

How did this acquisition affect EAM experts?

Effect on business owners:

For clients, Hexagon's acquisition of Infor EAM marks the beginning of a new era for business opportunities. Hexagon's SMART technologies, coupled with Infor's enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions, will create a comprehensive package of cloud-based solutions to help organisations manage their assets more efficiently.

The combination of Hexagon and Infor's technologies gives companies the power to better control their assets, such as buildings, equipment and machinery, and to make informed decisions that improve their bottom line.

In addition, the integration of Hexagon's SMART technologies and Infor's EAM solutions will enable companies to increase their operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the overall performance of their assets. This then helps the organisations to optimise their operations and maximise their return on investments.​

Effects on employment:

For candidates, Hexagon’s acquisition of Infor EAM is a significant move for the EAM system experts. This gave professionals the opportunity to use the skills that they developed within the platform and use them in other Enterprise Asset Management systems.

However, during the transition of the acquisition, Infor EAM professionals have also been working to ensure that Hexagon's customers get the best possible experience when using the system.

During the transition, Infor EAM professionals…

-       Worked alongside Hexagon customers to help them understand the system

-       Provided training for new users

-       Ensured the transition was as easy as possible for those using HxGN EAM

-       Made sure that the new features and functionality are implemented quickly and efficiently

After the transition was made many professionals took different routes in their careers as the skills that they developed were highly transferable.


​What does this mean for Infor moving forwards?

With Infor selling their EAM system to Hexagon, they are able to focus on developing their ERP systems which will allow them to strengthen their capabilities in the Enterprise Resource Planning market. Therefore, aiming to further please their existing and future ERP customers by keeping their focus on their best performing asset.

How does it affect the job market?

Overall, the acquisition of Infor EAM has been beneficial to the Infor job market. It has enabled the company to bring on new talent, while also creating opportunities for existing employees by improving the development of their CloudSuite ERP system. ​


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