IT Works 2021 Achievers Trip

October marks the start of a new business year for the IT Works group. With our 2021 business year complete, it’s our tradition to have an Achievers’ Trip.

There’s a place on this trip for every consultant who achieved their targets, but we also allow anyone in the business to submit reasons that their colleagues deserve to go along – so there will be representatives from our Operations and Accounts teams as well!

Malta Was Waiting

With almost 350 candidates successfully placed between October 1st 2020 and September 30th 2021, our team have set a lot of new records while connecting talented candidates to worthy clients.

We say we’re connecting experts, and that’s never been more true; placing the right candidate in the right role is genuinely satisfying, and we’re glad to have had so many opportunities. To recognise the team going above and beyond this year, we selected Malta.

As you can imagine, the final choice for booking was a little last minute!


The team left Preston not long after 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning, except for a couple of team members taking other routes. In Malta from early Wednesday, they had three full days to enjoy the beautiful island.

The Adventure Begins… Slowly

With such an early start, Wednesday was a day for taking it easy. Landing before lunch, we enjoyed a bit of sun before digging into our first meal in Malta. After that, it was off to the bar!

As a team, we believe in celebrating our achievements, so these first couple of drinks were a great way to mark that.

Afternoon rolled into evening and we had a chance to properly appreciate the beauty of the island ahead of a planned lazy Thursday.

During the day Thursday, we’d booked beds at the famous Café del Mar beach club, so it was time to lie back and enjoy. The office is always full of banter – take away the work we’re doing and Thursday was a lively day with a lot of laughter!

We wrapped up the day with a big group meal, and for all the jokes, we did talk about plans for the year more than we might have expected. It’s still IT Works that ties us all together, after all – and with one year down, the next one is already on our minds!

Having been together celebrating for a couple of days, Friday was a free day, and the team split up to explore the island. We came back together on Saturday. Saturday was time for the world-famous Blue Lagoon, and that meant it was also time for the catamaran to take us over to Gozo.

It’s hard to really get across just how stunning the Blue Lagoon really is in words alone. Swimming in its waters was an incredible experience.

We wrapped up our Saturday with another big team meal, laden down with joking and good cheer, and a toast to the new business year and the placements we’ll make. And then, at the end, it was time to head home, which we did early on Sunday morning…

Back Office Support

We pride ourselves on having not just high-quality recruitment consultants but offering them the best possible level of support. We feel it’s only fair to recognise that kind of support.

Frances Newburn is our Head of Operations. If someone’s going on behind the scenes to help our consultants or to improve efficiency, she’s involved – overseeing it, executing it herself, or some mix of the two.

Tiffany Bowen is our Performance Coach, but that title probably understates her importance. A constant presence on the consultancy room floor, she knows as much about each consultant’s work as anybody and is always there to find the support they need to excel.

Sarah McMurray is a Management Accountant. She works closely with our consultants and – especially if you’ve ever been on contract through IT Works – she’s probably helped make sure your pay is accurate and arrives on time.

Daniel Booth closed out the business year by becoming our Business Operations Officer. As such, he monitors performance and plays a key role in building strategies for the future. He’s also been heavily involved in retooling our IT strategy over the last quarter of our year.