The Cost of Candidates

I don’t think the HRIS recruitment market has ever been busier!

With a market this active, my colleague and I are constantly talking about our activity; which clients are looking for permanent or contract placements, which candidates are newly free or looking for something different, and, of course, about the mood of the market.

Pricing a Role Out of the Market

A lot of the time, when we’re looking at that mood, the talking point that comes up is the feeling that candidates are ‘overpriced’ for the roles they’re being considered for, whether it be too high a salary or a day rate that sounds excessive, especially if the contracting world is something you are new too.

There’s only really one reply to that; it’s much, much cheaper to bring in the right candidate the first time than it is to replace someone two or three months in.

We’re always sympathetic to our clients’ budgetary needs and we’ll always do what we can, but especially when the market’s so competitive, clients looking for discount rates can price their role out of the market. Sometimes, the client can be more open to this further down the line but the particular candidate they were interested in has been taken by another client as they valued their skills from the get-go.

A low rate won’t get the candidate you need – they know they’ll be offered what they’re worth for a different role – so it gets the candidate who can’t do what you need yet. That’s a recipe for frustration for both the client and the candidate.

From time to time, we have to push back on a suggested discount simply because we know the market won’t bear it. Rather than work with the same requirement again in a couple of months, we’d rather make sure we connect you with the right person the first time.

At the end of the day, what I want to see is a client happy with the quality of the work being done and a candidate who’s happy with the role they’ve been placed in and who’s got no reason to cut their time in the role short. Each client could hire another person on their team for the same price as trying to re-hire further down the line because they bought ‘cheap’. We always aim to supply candidates that are within your budget, however, if we send candidates over the budget you have spoken about that is only because that is the minimum they would take to complete the role for you at a high standard and right the first time!

If you have HRIS requirements coming up, don’t price yourself out. Get the right candidate the first time.

Drop me and Matt a line. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.