F1 Spotlight: Epicor & AlphaTauri

​We’re taking the time to look at the ERP systems that drive our favourite Formula 1 teams forward just ahead of the start of the season. Part one of this short series began with Oracle Red Bull and you can find it on our German site.

Like Oracle, Epicor is in active use by their team; it’s far from just a sponsorship deal. Epicor Kinetic is a key part of the Scuderia AlphaTauri process.

How AlphaTauri Makes the Most of Epicor

It’s easy to forget that a Formula One racing car isn’t just an incredibly complex machine – it’s one which is adjusted race by race and sometimes pit stop by pit stop. There are over 14,000 individual components in an individual car, and the amount of wear and tear they’re put through is high.

Epicor allows AlphaTauri to follow the entire process of assembly, using part maps coded to each rase – after all, conditions in Silverstone won’t be the same as on the Jeddah Street Circuit, so the optimal configuration of the car won’t be the same either.

From cost analysis systems helping AlphaTauri decide whether to manufacture or buy components to reviewing and monitoring telemetry data, Epicor gives the AlphaTauri team all the tools they need to monitor every part of the F1 season, from manufacturing through to race day performance.

With Epicor’s advanced capabilities, the time taken for the race team to receive a key component after ordering can be cut from days to hours.

AlphaTauri needs dozens of sophisticated systems to track every aspect of their high-performance work – and Epicor is their solution of choice.

But you shouldn’t just be asking what Epicor can do for AlphaTauri – you should also be wondering what it can do for you.

Our Epicor specialist is Austen Sparks. He’s looking forward to the races, but he’s even more keen to take your call and help you assemble the team you need.