Epicor Kinetic 2021.1

​With last year’s news that Epicor is being acquired by CD&R, it seems that the Epicor train isn’t slowing down anytime soon. There have been questions floating around LinkedIn and user forums for some time now questioning what’s the next step. As Epicor is currently sat on 10.2.700 with the time between each new version quickly shortening the community has begun to wonder when version 11 or as we now know – Kinetic 2021.1 - will be joining us, what exactly this means for the market, its businesses and most importantly, it’s community.

As of 3 weeks ago, we have official confirmation that Epicor version 11 or ‘Kinetic’ as v11 onwards will now be called on 10th June 2021. One of the main discussion points has been around the option for Kinetic to be browser-based. As I previously mentioned in an earlier blog, this makes sense as it’ll lean on the new technologies we’ve introduced over the last year or two for ease of use, Epicor mobile etc. however, it’s not a step which many customers or users have experience with and as with everything it will come with it’s own challenges I am sure.

The facts of the features:

•      Made for use anywhere, browser-based in the cloud, on any device with a consistent experience

•      Made for personal use with guided workflow, easy tailoring, and the ability to connect digitally

•      Made for efficiency and greater productivity with a simple, easy-to-use interface that offers industry-focused features and leverages intelligence for greater automation

One question which I have heard over the last couple of weeks is where the name comes from. Here is what Epicor had to say: 

“We offer the ideal platform for manufacturers like you who make the things that keep the world moving. We see this across all industries we serve. Through our recent evolution to a great new user experience, it became clear that Kinetic is more than a name for an industry-leading user experience. It represents the lively, energetic impact of your entire ERP solution to accelerate your ambitions.”

The information we have is coming out thick and fast with new updates across press releases, the user group, epiusers and more and I’m really excited to see how this develops over the coming couple of months.

It seems to have created some segregation within the market and split opinions, however, with change there will always be resistance, especially when moving away from a much-loved product like E10. Keen to hear your thoughts as always. 

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