Epicor Kinetic Upgrade: Challenges & Solutions

Since its release in 2021, Epicor have continued to improve their revolutionary Kinetic product. Listening to customer feedback, Epicor have set their product roadmap and most recently rolled out Release 2023.2. Uptakes for this upgrade, however, remain steady. This is not so much down to lack of want but because upgrade projects seem to be hitting similar bumps in the road.   

Speaking with Epicor professionals in the market, there are 3 common challenges continuously cropping up in upgrade projects. In this article, I’ll aim to be as helpful as I can, highlighting what to look out for in an Epicor Kinetic upgrade project and how to overcome these challenges with the right talent solutions.  




Epicor Kinetic Upgrade: Challenges & Solutions 


1. Data Migration 

Top of the list of challenges is data migration. Transitioning data from the current system to the new release can be complex and time-consuming. Maintaining data integrity throughout the migration process and addressing discrepancies or errors as soon as they occur are some of the most challenging parts businesses find when completing an upgrade project. 


The skillset to hire   

Epicor Consultant. 

Epicor Consultants have the technical proficiency and project management expertise to migrate data during upgrades. With these skills, an Epicor Consultant can understand data structures, execute efficient migration processes, and address discrepancies whilst thoroughly testing at every stage of the project  


2. Customisation Compatibility 

When upgrading, many businesses opt for system customisation. However, in the process of upgrading to the newest release, challenges stem from assessments of necessary adjustments or redevelopments needed to ensure compatibility with existing customisations. 


The skillset to hire? 

Epicor Developer. 

An Epicor Developer has skills in programming languages like C#, VB.NET, SQL, and JavaScript, along with expertise in customisation tools and development methodologies. They combat customisation compatibility challenges in an Epicor upgrade project by assessing existing customisations, making necessary adjustments, and developing new solutions to align with the upgraded system's functionalities and architecture. 


3. Integration With Third-Party Systems 

Businesses often rely on integrations with third-party applications or systems. Ensuring the compatibility of these integrations with the new release and updating them if necessary, can be challenging, as it requires thorough testing and validation to ensure seamless data exchange between systems. 


The skillset to hire? 

Epicor Technical Analyst. 

An Epicor technical analyst has expertise in database management, system architecture, and integration technologies. They address integration challenges in an Epicor upgrade project by evaluating existing integrations, ensuring compatibility with the upgraded system, developing new integrations as needed, and conducting thorough testing to ensure seamless data exchange between systems. 




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