ERP Implementation? Use Contractors!

​I wanted to touch on this topic as I’ve had a few clients that were simply unaware Freelance Consultants for niche ERP systems existed, and were annoyed they hadn’t found out about them sooner.  I’m going to outline just some of the benefits they can bring to a NetSuite implementation in the hope of educating others in the future.

When a business decides to implement an ERP, more often than not, the initial action plan is to implement with your chosen software provider either directly through the vendor or an implementation partner.

Now one route you may not have discovered is Freelance Implementation Consultants. Who are these mythical people you may ask? There’s no definitive answer here as their backgrounds vary massively. But as a rule of thumb most, but not all, are previous employees of the vendor of other ERP implementation companies who have learnt their trade, worked with an array of clients and then chosen to take their skills on the road to help a variety of clients.

So why should you opt for contractors over a permanent hire?  Ultimately they save money!… Long-term. Let’s say an implementation takes six months and a well-experienced contractor takes home £500 per day. That’s £65,000 for six months but what’s achieved in that time? Successful set-up of a new system, data migration from the existing system, UAT, user training, pressure alleviation off internal employees, priceless knowledge, need I go on?

Now on the flip side, a permanent employee might look cheaper but what you’ve got to factor in is the base salary for a similar skill set let's say £60k, holiday pay (including bank holidays), sick pay, maternity/paternity pay, employers national insurance, pension contribution, employers’ liability insurance, equipment. If you tot all these up it’s a considerable amount to pay year in and year out.

Looking back, that £65k doesn’t look like a huge price to pay for a well-implemented system, does it?


A couple of questions you may have …

Q:  Can contractors deliver my whole project for me?

A: Yes. It’s not unheard of for a contractor, or a group of contractors, to successfully deliver a project by themselves.

Q:  Can I use a combination of an implementation partner and contractors?

A: Yes, having that combination often leads to the best success rate. Having an onsite representative who can convey the requirements of the business well, who understands the potential and capability of the software, and who can liaise directly with the partner will promote a very successful go-live.

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If there is an implementation project you need help with please get in touch and we can discuss some solutions to help your business.