ERP Sales in a Post-Pandemic World

There’s no doubt now that Covid-19 and its variants have changed the world for the long term. Work from home is no longer a privilege in one or two industries or for CEOs and managing directors; it’s now part of the conversation for the majority, with retailers, frontline support workers, and the like being the rare exceptions. A distributed workforce means better databasing and automation support is needed. It’s small wonder that ERP sales have grown in this post-pandemic world.

Explaining the Growth in ERP Sales in 2022

The reason driving the decision to adopt an ERP system almost always boils down to ‘doing this manually is now too time-consuming and/or too big a risk that errors will be made’. However, while it can be reduced to one or two key factors, the way each business sees they’ve hit this barrier will be different.

I’ve spoken to decision makers who took the addition of another business location as the right time for the change, or who did so after hitting a milestone number of employees; I’ve heard from companies who landed a big contract and went for an ERP to ensure they’d be on track to deliver when they landed their second.

Starting last year, there’s been a new reason that keeps coming up, and it’s one where timings are difficult.

ERP systems are designed to help businesses to organise and collaborate. Investing in an ERP will help remote and hybrid workers to connect and work together even if they’re not in the same country.

As more and more businesses have acknowledged that their shift away from full time office work is permanent, ERP has become an increasing priority. And as more businesses make a success of their WFH programs, the temptation to follow them will grow.

What does that mean for you, as a decision maker in a company considering an ERP?

It means that there’s a big opportunity in front of you – and one your business would have to take on later in its growth anyway. But it also means that there’s a lot of competition for the top talent in every ERP market.

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