HRIS: Pre And Post Covid

2020 is certainly a year for the history books!

It’s one of those years that we’ll remember for a long time to come, but will it be for good or bad reasons?  Here at IT Works, we’re a really positive bunch and our focus is very much on the things we can impact and influence to add value to our clients and candidates' lives, rather than those we have no control over. 

So for us this is the year that we worked on relationships, where we built stronger connections with our colleagues, clients and candidates.  The year where our experts took advantage of opportunities from what was seen by many others as a very difficult situation.

One of our niche markets that is seeing even more success post Lockdown and COVID-19 is HRIS and in particular the iTrent and ResourceLink arenas.

HRIS - iTrent / ResourceLink

HRIS software is a data-management tool used for multiple HR functions allowing an organisation to manage areas such as recruiting, tracking applications, maintaining employee records, managing payroll and benefits and ensuring compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements.  IT Works have been providing support on these systems for over 15 years and our expert in this field is Matt Stanley

Matt has been with us for over 4 years working with both public and private sector organisations, providing specialist, professional and cost effective recruitment services throughout the UK, helping clients transform their businesses and assisting candidates to progress their careers. 


Pre and Post Lockdown

Like organisations across the country, the lockdown saw us move to remote/home working in March 2020.  Returning to the office in June we recognised that our people had grown both personally and as a team, using this time to look at their markets differently, strengthen their working relationships and really get to know their clients and candidates.  Understanding more about an individual will undoubtedly help us match requirements and meet expectations which ultimately benefits you.

In this video, Matt shares his thoughts on the market post-COVID, changes he has seen and his predictions for the coming months.  He also talks about his key learns from lockdown and how he is building these into how he works today.

Whether you’re looking for a new role; permanent, fixed term or contract – If you’re looking or are searching for the perfect resource for your next project Matt can help, give him a call today to see how you can work together to find the perfect solution.


We are the experts in ResourceLink recruitment so get in touch if you are looking for any of the following roles for your next ResourceLink implementation: ResourceLink Consultant, ResourceLink Payroll Consultant, HRIS Consultant, HRIS Contractor.