IFS Contractors on the Rise

​Being part of a long-established IFS recruitment team gives you a unique perspective on the market. One thing I can tell you with confidence; contractors are still an essential part of the process for most businesses with IFS.

Working with IFS Contractors

My colleagues on the team and I hear a lot about where contractors have worked, where they’re going, what roles they’ve filled and what they’d like to fill. In fact, we hear more in our conversations with them than ever make it onto their CVs. I wrote about that recently on my LinkedIn (and I might talk about it here later).

What’s clear is that when you see a company post about their IFS go-live, the odds are good that contractors were involved in making that happen. Very few companies go live on the strength of internal or third-party resources alone.

There’s good reason for this; over the last five years alone the contractor base has become something truly special.

Within businesses using IFS there seems to be a genuine skill shortage. Independent contractors are the quick and easy solution – filling gaps or even acting as the bulk of the project team.

Take the Opportunity

This is a potentially huge resource for businesses using IFS, but it’s one that’s overlooked all too often. Whenever I speak to a hiring manager who doesn’t use contractors, the story is always the same – one contractor was found to be unreliable, so no more contractors.

I’m never going to say a company should stick with someone who doesn’t do the work, but if there were no reliable contractors, your competition wouldn’t be getting such good results from them.

Add to that the fact contractors are often more cost-effective than using third-party support – on top of which, they’ll have their full focus on your project. You don’t run the risk that the expert you’ve built up a relationship with will be repurposed to something else by their manager.

The contractor base is going from strength to strength and you have work that needs doing. Give me a call or get in touch on our site and we can get the ball rolling together.