Your IFS Recruitment Experts for Seventeen Years and Counting

​IT Works Recruitment has been working with companies using IFS since our founding in 2004. Over that time, IFS (and ERP in general) have built a much bigger market – and we’ve grown our team to match, so you can still speak to IFS recruitment experts with the experience and market knowledge you need.

IFS has always been important to us – our CEO was working on IFS recruitment when the company started, so it has been and remains a priority. We’ve always worked to be able to support as many clients and candidates as possible.

What we’ve never allowed ourselves to do is lower our standards just because there are more options out there. The right candidate for the post has to be right – matching the job role well, and delivered for a price that both the client and the candidate will be happy with. Anything else either creates friction or doesn’t do the job you need your team to do.

The Longest-Standing IFS Recruitment Team

No other company has been providing targeted, expert support in recruiting IFS experts to the businesses that need them for as long as IT Works have.

Working in the UK and across Europe, our team has built up relationships not just with your fellow companies using IFS but also with the majority of IFS experts working in the field. We’re always looking to develop that network even further.

“IFS has been a huge part of what we do since before I joined. As the senior man on the IFS team today, I take continuing our success matching candidates to roles very seriously.” 

“I came into IFS when I started with IT Works Recruitment. Seeing the market flourish has been great, but what I’ve really enjoyed is watching my clients get the support they need to grow from strength to strength.”