IT Works – Covid 19

Things seem very uncertain right now for individuals and businesses alike but the future is still ahead of us and the more prepared we are the better it is going to be. Whether you are one of our valued clients thinking about a planned project or one of our fantastic candidates looking for your next great role those processes don’t have to stop because of COVID-19.

Business Continuity Planning has never been more important than right now and organisations who implement decisive and effective plans just now will be in the strongest position as we come through this. Likewise, for individuals, finding great opportunities is vital to career planning. The good news is that IT Works is here to help. Our consultants and support teams are all now working from home and have full access to all the information and systems we utilise in the office allowing them to continue providing you with the same expert service you have come to expect from IT Works.

We utilise a wide range of tools and platforms to allow you to take a proactive approach and limit the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on your future.


Face-to-face interviews are key when bringing someone new into an organisation, but they don’t have to take place in person! Video conferencing is a great way for candidates and clients to meet.  With Zoom Meetings for desktop and mobile, we have the tools to make every meeting a great one.  We can connect everyone needed for the interview in one easy video call with the ability to record, produce a transcript and even have your IT Works Consultant join your interview. The cloud-based software allows us to bring the team together at the click of a link no matter where they are.  There is nothing to download, no cost to you and all whilst allowing for self-isolation and social distancing.


At the end of 2019, we made a significant investment in a new cloud-based telephone system, allowing us to effortlessly arrange telephone interviews for clients and candidates.  We can launch the call, make introductions and then leave you to your meeting or alternatively, you may want your consultant to join the interview, giving you the benefit of their expertise through the whole process.

Telephone interviews can save you time and money making CloudCall an extremely viable option in moving the process forward with no risk of infection and limiting the impact that COVID-19 will have on your business performance during this time.

COVID-19 Questionnaire for Face-to-Face Interviews

Should an in-person face-to-face interview be needed we have developed a COVID-19 health questionnaire that we would be happy to share with you. This will help you identify the potential risks and take steps to limit them.

Keep Calm, Carry On

Things are different just now, but we can help you maintain as much normality as possible and ensure you are on track putting and in the best position for the future.  Our team are all working from home, keeping candidates and clients connected and are ready to help now. 

If you have any questions at all then please contact us at 01772 278050 or alternatively