Laura's Career At IT Works

If you haven’t met me before… it’s probably because most of the time I work behind the scenes in the Marketing & Operations team, sprinkling some IT Works marketing magic. Joining IT Works just over a year ago was the BEST decision I could have made and it’s safe to say – I haven’t looked back since.

Before starting at IT Works, I’d found it difficult to get my foot in the door of the marketing industry. Having graduated from university in 2020, I was faced with the unknown of the pandemic, the shrinking job market, and countless job rejections. Looking back it seemed an impossible task to find both a job I’d be excited by AND a workplace where I could thrive. It certainly wasn’t quite the entrance into the adult working world I had envisioned.

Tired of frequently hitting application brick walls, I re-focused my energy into up-skilling myself. Understanding that I needed to gain industry specific marketing knowledge and experience, I enrolled on a CIM Digital Marketing course. Investing in my learning, I felt better prepared to restart the my job search… that’s when I sent my application off to IT Works.

The moment I walked through the doors, I felt at ease - empowered to not only be myself but to succeed. From day dot, at IT Works you are part of a supportive environment where you’re encouraged to make mistakes learning how to be better from the lessons it teaches you. I know for me, I’ve seen how much my confidence has grown both in a personal and professional capacity. One thing I value the most is how the team (regardless of seniority) listen to the ideas you have and most importantly help you bring them to life – without limits to how big you dream.


At IT Works, you will certainly find…


  • A FANTASTIC work culture

  • Mentors & peers who help support you in your career journey

  • A place where you define your own path with the ability to design your career (which is practically unheard of)

  • A GREAT bunch of people

No one prepares you for the recruitment industry, and believe me when I say, it certainly feels like a turbo charged ride which you definitely need to be firmly strapped in for. BUT it’s what makes it all so exciting. You get a buzz from being in a dynamic environment – an adrenaline rush you end up craving.

If you’re seeking adventure, variety, and most importantly FUN, it’s the perfect place to find yourself as a career starter. Jumping in feet first is the best way to begin!


​Here’s what Frances says about Laura…

You have demonstrated the IT Works values from day one:
PEOPLE - You find joy in connecting with people and as a result you have learnt from and taught people in equal measure.
INNOVATIVE - You question relentlessly and fearlessly (do regret making you my desk buddy?) bringing ideas to the forefront and helping to make the service we deliver to the teams stronger by the day.
PASSION - You have it in bucket loads and it is plain to see. Keep bringing that infectious enthusiasm to the table every day. You have demonstrated what is meant by above and beyond, contributing significantly to the success of charitable total we achieved in 2022, taking part in Tough Mudder 10k, organising sports day, and even getting dressed up as an Elf in December!!!!!!!
EXPERTISE - You are developing a fantastic career, getting to do what you LOVE, and I am so happy that we get the privilege of supporting you to achieve your goals.
You have been a fantastic addition to the marketing team and I have absolutely loved working with you this past 12 months. Thank you for your hard work, humour, and commitment. I look forward to spending 2023 with you and the rest of the team.


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