Motivation Is Key

I’m an IFS permanent recruitment specialist here at IT Works. In the last month, it’s been extremely challenging to stay motivated and keep my energy levels up. We have yet again found ourselves cooped up indoors all day, with no social interaction and nowhere to go! I find that making sure I commit to daily exercise, and knowing when to switch off helps me find a balance between working IFS ERP jobs and at home, and keeps my motivation up. Here are a couple of tips to stay motivated and focused during lockdown.


This goes without saying, some form of exercise should always form part of your daily routine, whether you are in lockdown or not. Not only is exercise good for you physically, but it also relieves stress, makes you feel more energetic throughout the day, helps you sleep better at night, improves memory and can help alleviate many common mental health challenges. Something as small as going for a 20-minute walk at lunchtime can have a massive overall effect, as you clear your thoughts and get some fresh air. Many of the positive conversations I’ve had with IFS professionals in the last few weeks have stemmed from the topic of exercise. So trying to stick to something daily is key whilst we are in lockdown as it’s easy for days to pass and you find that you haven’t left the house at all.

Separate work and home

The pandemic has blurred the work-life boundaries for many, so knowing when to switch off is hard. Whilst you are not working, if you are out on a walk at lunchtime, you should use this time to switch off. The IFS recruitment market can be fast-paced so take an hour, or half an hour, completely away from work to re-focus for the day and gather your thoughts. Taking a proper break will help you go back to work feeling refreshed and energised, ready to hit the rest of the afternoon. It is also important to note to switch off at a certain time in the evenings. While working from home it’s difficult to draw a distinct line between work and home, so setting boundaries is extremely important because rest is just as important as being productive. Set realistic goals so that productivity levels can be high all week. There is no point being overly productive one day if it is non-existent the next.

Enjoy the weekends

Unfortunately, our usual relief of going to a bar or restaurant at the weekend isn’t an option at the moment, so me and my partner make Saturdays feel as ‘normal’ as possible by cooking a fancy meal and making cocktails. We find this really helps to differentiate between any other night of the week. This ensures that we don’t feel like every day is the same and the weekends are distinct from the weeknights and we still feel like we can enjoy a Saturday evening similar to how we usually would. 

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Stay safe everyone and of course, get in contact to talk about IFS jobs or anything IFS-related!