The Need for NetSuite Developers

​What is a NetSuite Developer?

 A NetSuite Developer is a coder that specifically writes custom scripts for NetSuite. These custom scripts, written in SuiteScript 1.0 & 2.0, allow NetSuite customers to build the system they desire which may not be available 'out of the box'. These candidates are also able to integrate various other systems with NetSuite to speak with each other allowing customers to achieve a centralised hub to access all live business data. This work is generally project-based based depending on your work environment and I'll outline this next.

Where do we see these roles being recruited?

Firstly, the NetSuite Solution, Alliance and SuiteCloud partner network are where we see more of these candidates. For anyone who doesn't know what these mean, essentially, they are companies that sell and implement NetSuite for many clients at the same time. These candidates reside here so that these companies can increase their service offerings to their customers. Whether it's to develop their own SuiteApps or to perform the duties aforementioned.

Secondly, we see NetSuite developers often recruited into what we call 'large end users'. These are NetSuite customers with multiple locations globally and hundreds of NetSuite users. These companies heavily invest in their ERP systems teams usually consisting of regional NetSuite Administrators, Solution Architects or Systems Managers and often a Developer. The scripts that need to be written to integrate major systems often require a full-time resource, not just for script creation but for maintenance too. Businesses often adapt over time and internal processes change whether that's due to them having an acquisitive nature or a change in direction. Having an internal specialist team allows businesses to pivot quickly without having a reliance on NetSuite to assist them. This internal experience is invaluable and will cost significantly less than using the vendor.

Does your business need a NetSuite Developer?

 Going back to my original point, if you're an end user of NetSuite you should, in the first instance, be looking to implement NetSuite as vanilla as possible. NetSuite development projects tend to be project-based and script maintenance is often kept up to date by your NetSuite admin. If your organisation doesn't have the budget or the workload to support bringing in a NetSuite Developer (circa £70,000) then a freelance NetSuite Developer may be the most sensible option. These candidates usually have over 4 years' worth of experience and have often come across the challenges/integrations you're currently assessing on how to tackle. We've provided these candidates to customers across the UK & Europe as a quick and reliable solution on a time and materials basis. This means no more purchasing hours/days upfront, only pay for what you use!​

​NetSuite Developer Jobs

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