Positive Mindsets and Productivity

Welcome to this month’s blog. I am the iTrent & ResourceLink Specialist at IT Works and this month I wanted to write about my experiences with maintaining my own productivity. I see a huge difference in myself and my workload when I am in a positive mindset. As most people will know, being in a positive mindset 100% of the time isn’t easy and technically, isn’t really possible. Who doesn’t have a down day or a down morning or even a bit of a down first hour of a particular day? This is all natural and can depend on a number of things.

I do believe, however, that this can be completely turned around by how you think and how you perceive the rest of the day or week ahead. For me, I might take my dog out for half an hour and get some fresh air. This is easily doable before leaving for work, it releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in your body and I genuinely feel like a different person when I get back home. I then can get on with sourcing the best iTrent/ResourceLink professionals and have a productive day! Make sure you get out of the house on your lunch, especially while we are still working from home. It can make such a difference even if it’s 10 minutes to pick up some milk or half an hour to get some extra steps in.

Take a Break

Another thing for me is taking 5/10 minutes out, having a cup of tea with a colleague while at work or giving them a call on Zoom to catch up while at home. The difference in having a 5/10 min catch-up makes for having a productive day is much better than not speaking about how you’re feeling. Feeling down will often lead to a serious lack of productivity so give yourself a break when it’s needed. From speaking to iTrent and ResourceLink Consultants, you always push yourself to get where you want in terms of your goals, but it’s hugely important to understand when your body is asking you to stop. Take a break, sometimes a lie-in on a Saturday and breakfast in bed can do wonders, make time for yourself!

Positive Environment

Being within a positive environment can make the world of a difference. I know from experience, that having the right people around you who motivate you and give you good advice changes the way you look at life. Just as it does for how you are performing at work. We are all very lucky to work at such a family-oriented place like IT Works. The motivation and support we get from our peers and managers is great and the buzz around the office (How much do I miss that right now!) is second to none. A positive environment sends a ripple around the room and you can feel it bouncing off each other which excels productivity within the workplace. I also feel like when I approach candidates and clients with positivity, I can feel our conversations warming up and becoming more relaxed and that is always how a good relationship should start.

I know that it’s not easy to tell yourself ‘You can do it and everything will be okay’. Try to surround yourself in a positive environment with the right people around you. Having a positive mindset and continuously telling yourself you can do it, is the difference that makes a difference. I have been having great conversations with professionals in the iTrent & ResourceLink marketplace and expect this to continue. 

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