Santa has implemented IFS

​I have often considered how Santa stays so organised during Christmas Eve and never misses a deadline!

How does he manage his elf’s activity so efficiently during this busy time?

Santa could easily structure his operations to ensure that Christmas Eve goes off without a hitch.

I had a conversation with him earlier in the month and he discussed in detail how he does this with ease, he uses a fully integrated IFS and CRM system. (Getting past Mrs Claus was the hardest part, she is one hell of a gatekeeper).

Santa has agreed for me to share a couple of highlights as to why using his IFS and CRM keeps him ahead of the game and ensures all the children receive presents in time for Christmas day morning:

  • His CRM system enables him to keep track of who is naughty and who is nice. The system allows Santa to record and store all the information related to customer interactions, so he can closely monitor and update the naughty/nice list. By tying in his customer requests (letters to Santa, wish lists) into his ERP system, Santa ensures that his elves know exactly what to produce and what quantities of what materials they’ll need.

  • At this time of year, Santa’s warehouse and production are insane!! He needs a system that can assist with correct labelling and placing in his warehouse otherwise he may not even get out of the door on Christmas Eve. To maintain this, Santa will create barcodes for all his stock, amalgamating an entire household’s presents on the sleigh to streamline the delivery process.

  • Business Intelligence and visibility is the key to Santa’s success – how else would he make his way to every child’s home in the world in one night?!?! It just wouldn’t be possible. By using Distribution Logistics within IFS Santa can plan his route across the globe delivering to billions of houses, working east to west is required to “follow the sun” around the world, however, complex route-planning is required and IFS enables this to be completed easily.

  • Quality and Lot Tracking are great features within IFS for the North Pole as well. If a specific toy breaks during production in the warehouse by one of the machines, it’s important for Santa to know exactly what workshop and machine it was made with so that the same mistake isn’t repeated in future years.

  • Since implementing IFS, Santa has seen a reduction in the time and effort it takes the elves to perform their day-to-day tasks, particularly through eliminating repetitive manual processes such as entering the bill of materials for each toy. 

Clearly, by implementing and using the IFS and CRM system, Santa is better equipped than ever to guarantee children across the world wake up to presents under the tree.

How he managed this before IFS ERP is beyond me!!!!!

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