Choosing Specialist Over Generalist

​You’re a decision-maker. A leader. You know your company inside and out and you want to bring the best in the business to make your business the best it can be. From that alone, it’s clear why a general recruitment agency wouldn’t cut the mustard: you don’t want employees who might fit, or who could reach the level of performance your business deserves. You want employees who know what they’re doing from the get-go; employees who will help your company’s performance accelerate and spur on growth from the outset.

These qualities are particularly pertinent when it comes to the IT industry. The right attitude is one thing, but it’s not enough here: you need tangible expertise and experience, which general recruitment agencies won’t recognise as the key priorities. Specialist recruitment agencies, on the other hand, know exactly what you need and exactly why you need it. More importantly, they know who you need.

Need more convincing? We’re here to reassure you why specialist IT recruitment companies will set you up for a business boom, not rehire doom.

A real understanding of breakneck-speed tech

Do you expect a general recruitment agency to understand what the difference is between Epicor and Agresso or iTrent and ResourceLink?

Probably not. We’d bet that they don’t have a clue, so how can you have any confidence in knowing that they’ll be providing candidates with that knowledge either?

Technology moves. Fast. Without knowing how to use the latest in NetSuite or Infor ERP or handle HRIS providers such as Workday or iTrent, it’d be a reach to assume that an employee provided by general recruitment knows how to adjust to updates or even switch to the competition. It’s not just about knowing how these systems work but how they can work best for your business. It’s about being able to interpret business needs and system capabilities fluently. You don’t want people who know IT holiday speak – you want people who sound native to your industry!

Fluency means your time will be well-spent, as you won’t have to expend time (or energy) trying to make them the right fit. Square pegs don’t fit round holes and never has that been truer than with the niche markets and nuance of IT technology. Candidates will have the know-how or they won’t, which is why specialist IT recruitment agencies are the right choice when you have a job opening. They’ll be looking for people who fit the bill from the outset. For you, the hiring process will feel more intuitive, fluid and intelligent, and when you’re working with IT technology, a positive reaction is more pertinent than ever, for efficiency’s sake alone.

Talent-spotting true passion

We’ve established that the right attitude alone isn’t enough when it comes to who you’re looking to hire. Attitude and passion aren’t synonyms, though, and specialist IT recruitment companies will be the first to spot the difference.

The candidates you’re looking for won’t be blasé about their interest in IT. They’ll be committed to helping further business growth within the sector, whether they’ve had twenty years of experience and have adapted with every step towards technology as we know it today, or they’ve just graduated university with a degree in IT and are keen to start running. A good IT recruitment consultant will specialise in progressing candidates with backgrounds such as these: in other words, those who blatantly love this industry and are excited about its future.

Nobody likes bread with a doughy centre. Your business has no room for half-baked output, which is why expert recruitment only deals with experts who don’t need to be taught on the job. A true specialist IT recruiter will be confident in delivering you a network of outstanding candidates who will leave you spoilt for choice rather than grasping for straws. More importantly still, they’ll be confident about their assertion of this, which is why IT Works simply works. We see real talent, know real expertise and provide candidates who have a level of experience that makes them the perfect fit for your open role(s).

And don’t just take it from us: ERP Software Developer, Nathan Ballard, said that our consultant Joe is a pleasure to deal with, being “efficient, dependable and goal-driven”, who “understands the needs of both parties, resulting in him delivering within parameters agreeable for both companies and individuals. He takes pride in presenting only relevant and best-suited solutions, as he understands that the results of which reflect, ultimately, on him and his work.”


Taking the friction out of IT recruitment campaigns

So, you know who you’re looking for, but there’s still a risk that there might be an unpleasant surprise post-hire. After all, having the right employees isn’t the same as finding the right candidates, especially if you’re looking for absolute specialists who work and have worked with ERP systems extensively.


An IT recruitment consultant will be able to whittle down your business profile into a job specification that invites the most meticulous of box-tickers. You’ll be able to provide a listing with insight and accuracy at its core, tempting a consultancy-established network of specialist candidates who will be gunning to apply for your open position because it reads as if appealing to them specifically. At IT Works, these are the people we keep on our books, as we know what firms like yours are looking for: experts in IT who crave the opportunity for professional growth in businesses which mirror this desire.

IT Works has amassed a team which gets to grips with employer needs quickly and who can chat about technology with confidence. This enables us to not just match but often exceed your expectations about talent requirements and candidate suitability. We pride ourselves on connecting experts with expert businesses.

It is why Steve Laycock of the Science Museum Group described his consultant, Matt, as “passionate, proactive and engaging” who has been committed to helping him grow since initially approaching him. Matt is “always checking in to see how things are going, putting my mind at ease” and Steve is confident that Matt will be able to find him another exciting role in the future, doubtless of Matt’s commitment and loyalty to his pursuits.

Pressure-free; stress-free; time-freeing

Internally, the pressure’s always on. You’ve already got an outstanding team who love what they do and get stuck into their role every day. Finding someone who belongs from the offset is distracting, time-consuming and potentially not in your current employees’ remit, especially if you’re an SME enterprise and don’t have your own HR department.

Working with IT Works allows you to do what you do best while we do what we do best. We’ve been around since 2005, establishing us as one of the leading IT recruitment firms with the knowledge to boot. For such a niche market, this is crucial, as we cut to the core of what our clients and candidates are searching for efficiently and effectively, ensuring you’ll never waste time looking when chances are, we’ll already have the right person for your team in mind.

IT Works: works for you!

We’d love to hear from you when you’re ready to hire anew. With consultants like Matt and Joe leading the charge, we’re excited to bring IT experts on board at your company, ready to get to know you inside and out to deliver and help you thrive. Communication is our forte, so even if you’re unsure where to begin, contact our team for a chat that’ll leave you focused and energised about IT business potential. We can’t wait to meet you!