The Future Of Epicor?

With last year's news that Epicor is being acquired by CD&R, it seems that the Epicor train isn’t slowing down anytime soon. There has been questions floating around LinkedIn and user forums for some time now questioning what’s the next step. As Epicor in currently sat on 10.2.700 with the time between each new version quickly shortening the community has begun to wonder when version 11 will be joining us, what exactly this means for the market, its businesses and most importantly, its community.

Epicor as a market is one that is held up by its people. Whether that be users in production or manufacturing roles, support staff at Epicor Software, Epicor Consultants at its partners, Epicor Contractors, the freelance community or the owners of the businesses who run the software. Whichever way you look at it, the market is extremely loyal to the software and interest always peaks when there’s mention of a new release. Techies ask whether old customisations will still work and Finance Directors wonder what the cost will be.

As of today, it looks as though we have official confirmation that Epicor version 11 – 11.1.100 – is coming later this year. We’re unsure exactly when the release may well be but the key talking point is the fact that we will have the option to be browser-based. This makes sense as it’ll lean on the new technologies we’ve introduced over the last year or two for ease of use, Epicor mobile etc however, it’s not a step which many customers or users have experience with and as with everything it will come with it’s own challenges I am sure.

As with everything that Epicor does with its software, I’m sure that its customer experience will be something which will be kept in high consideration and new versions mean new developments, enhancements and opportunities for business growth by leveraging ERP. This can only be a positive, right?

The information we have at present is limited and I will continue to update my network as and when I have official confirmation of news but it’s definitely an interesting proposition and I’m excited to see what the future holds. 

I’m really keen to hear my network's thoughts on this one. 

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