The Top 3 ERPs: IFS ERP

​In an earlier blog, we confidently claimed IFS ERP is one of the top 3 brands of ERP software used by UK companies. We also promised we’d take a closer look at why, which we’ll do here.

What Makes IFS ERP One of the Top 3 ERPs in the UK?

One of the toughest requirements businesses have for an ERP is also the most common; customisation. To get the most out of ERP software, it has to work in line with current business workflows. This still applies even when your hope is that you’ll be able to streamline them; before you can do that, you need employee buy-in.

IFS ERP is modular for flexibility

​Every ERP has some kind of solution to this; IFS achieves it through heavy modularity. You can activate whichever solutions you need on the same common platform; you can use IFS’ own cloud platform, or you can set up your own remote or self-managed server for fuller control. There’s a lot of flexibility in this solution, and it’s much simpler to configure than many of its competitors.

IFS ERP is a Cloud-based ERP

​The cloud-based nature of IFS systems is also useful for responding to external changes – something that’s vital in industries that must document ongoing compliance. As regulations change, practices have to change too; but it’s important to keep on top of regulations, and an automatically-updating system makes that much easier.

Developers consider IFS to be intuitive to use and comparatively straightforward to customise to the requirements of any given business. Many customers instead praise the customer-centric approach IFS takes to its development and support; if your business requires something that takes a little more work, it’s likely that it will be simple in the near future.

For example, IFS has recently implemented IFS Lobbies. Lobbies are easy to set up and provide the most relevant data for a team/individual at a glance, in a way that can be used as their home page.

Putting these pieces together, it’s not hard to see why IFS made it onto our Top 3 ERPs for the UK list.

If you’re looking to set up an IFS implementation or to upgrade from an older version, and you need the personnel to help, contact our IFS team. With over 17 years’ of experience as a company, we know the market inside out, and we can match the right candidates to your requirements.