The Top 3 ERPs – Infor

​Last week we looked at the top 3 ERPs in the UK market. One of our choices was Infor. So what makes Infor stand out from the crowd?

Why Infor is one of the Top 3 ERPs

Deployment Options to Suit Your Strategy

Maybe the biggest challenge for any ERP is fitting into the existing workflows of the company implementing it. Customisation is vital on multiple levels, and any successful ERP system has tools to customise its operations. Infor takes this a little further; as well as using cloud solutions, there are options for mobile support, on-premise deployments, and a highly flexible hybrid system giving users the best of all worlds.


Clear Job Tracking

Each job in progress can be tracked in multiple different ways; it’s easy for any user to see what they need to know about any given job. Accounts teams can see the cost of each job clearly laid out; manufacturing teams know the status at a glance too.

Cut Inventory Costs

Using Infor Syteline/CloudSuite Industrial, it’s possible to improve material management and purchase planning to the point where inventory levels can be reduced. This makes purchase costs more manageable and minimises loss.

Purpose Built Yet Customisable

One thing the suite of Infor programs has in common is that they’re built for specific industries. This will always give them an advantage in providing you with the functionality you need. However, Infor is also built with active support for further customisation.