The Top 3 ERPs

​The market for ERP software is only getting bigger, and with that in mind, it’s no wonder there are so many options out there! You’ll find plenty of different opinions on the very best, but, out of the options we recruit for, these are the top 3 ERPs around.

What are the Top 3 ERPs in the UK Market?


For the longest time, NetSuite was the only major cloud-based ERP software solution. While times have changed enough that other ERPs are now occupying cloud spaces too, NetSuite has firmly established itself in the space. And it’s had years to develop cloud-service modules covering a great many specialist functions used by many – but not all – companies. This modularity makes NetSuite a very flexible, very powerful ERP solution.

IFS Apps

IFS as a system is especially close to our hearts here at IT Works as we’ve been supporting businesses using IFS for over seventeen years now. The value this system can add to businesses using it is probably best shown by the incredible growth of IFS itself.

Especially if your business operates in the manufacturing centre, IFS can provide you with special benefits – especially when it comes to visibility and clarity both in your manufacturing process and your supply chain.


Part of the wider Epicor Distribution Suite, Epicor owes some of its flexibility to the broad scope of affiliated software. However, the ERP itself has as its main selling point the close connection between Epicor the vendor and its customers, with a level of support that’s almost unparalleled in the industry.

As anybody who’s had to use software from a company without strong support will recognise immediately, that a good support program can make all the difference.


There are other great ERP systems out there – we work with many of them! But any attempt to put together a top 3 list will always be haunted by what has to be left out.

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